Department:                      Estimating

Reports To:                       Estimating Manager

Schedule:                          Business Hours

Compensation:                Salary

Benefits:                            Paid holiday, Vacation, Sick time, 401 K, Insurance


Our mission is to consistently provide exceptional quality, service, and professionalism.  Our team is comprised of talented and committed individuals with a passion for excellence. Together we deliver world class results for world class homes.


  • Must have reliable transportation, valid driver’s license and good driving record.
  • Ability to organize, sort and stay on top of incoming information for future use.
  • Skilled in Excel, Word, Outlook and general computer.
  • Ability to realistically estimate time to complete a bid and communicate about it.
  • Extensive knowledge of millwork items and terms.
  • Experience in the millwork industry or similar industry in the high end markets.
  • Extensive plan reading skills.
  • Knowledge of material vendors and material types.
  • Ability to communicate clearly by phone, in person and via email.
  • Willingness to put in extra hours when needed – go the extra mile.
  • Sees oneself as a representative of the company – professional but genuine.
  • Catches all the relevant details and doesn’t spend too much time on meaningless or low cost details.





  1. You are a good representative of Fineline and provide good first impressions of Fineline to new clients.

You often are the first person a new client works with. You are expected to be professional, prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, organized and diligent. First impressions are important and the way the client is handled at this beginning stage could bring us the job. Phone calls and emails are returned. You understand and can clearly articulate Fineline’s mission and core values as well as our general approach to finish carpentry and millwork install services.

  1. You complete quality take offs in a consistent and timely manner.

Your take offs have a high degree of accuracy in scope and cost and reflect the unique needs of each client. Items are named consistently, bid clarifications and answers are recorded, and scope exclusions are thorough.

  1. You price labor, material and general conditions accurately. Your bids are setup as “ready to submit” before the review.

When your bids are complete, they should contain an accurate budget for what a project will cost. You use Fineline’s historical pricing as well as consider any special circumstances that affect cost. The scope of work and cost budget you compile is clean and clearly describes the work that is being priced both for our clients benefit and for our production team.

  1. Once your bids are submitted, any revisions are handled quickly and recorded thoroughly.

Remember that our company is all about serving our clients well. You respond to questions and revision requests quickly and record all changes carefully.

5. If awarded the project, you handoff to the PM team in a way that thoroughly communicates the scope, budget, client’s expectations and company commitments. You support the PM team throughout the duration of the project.

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